Arlington Diversity Task Group is a part of Vision 2020, which is a broadly-based, easily accessible partnership of townspeople, town leadership, and employees.

With an appreciation of Arlington’s past, Vision 2020 is dedicated to ensuring that issues which are important to Arlington’s future, both long and short term, are studied, acted upon, and resolved in a timely process which is creative, strategic, collaborative, and fact-based. Other task groups work on topics related to these Town Goals:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Community & Citizen Service
  • Culture & Recreation
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Fiscal Resources
  • Governance

For information or to join Vision 2020 Task Groups, please contact the Town of Arlington here:

Vision 2020 Task Groups

The Town Goal that guides the Diversity Task Group is:

We value the diversity of our population.  Our Town’s mix of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, as well as economic and personal circumstances, enriches us all. We will be known for the warm welcome and respect we extend to all.

from the Goals for the Town of Arlington

By-Law, Town Meeting 1993