Town resources that can assist you in case of incidents or special needs:

The Diversity Task Group’s approach to matters related to diversity is grass roots community organizing. Group consensus determines our choice of projects.  If you would like to see some changes in the town related to diversity or know of a program that might be useful to the town, you can join us and share your thoughts.

The following groups, town agencies, or organizations can provide assistance in dealing with specific issues:

  • Arlington’s Human Rights Commission promotes the fair and equal treatment of all individuals and provides a mechanism for addressing complaints related to bias, prejudice, or discrimination. The Commission consists of 13 Arlington residents who are appointed to voluntary three-year terms.



  • Arlington’s Rapid Response Network moves into action when notified of an incident in town. The Network includes the Town Manager, Chiefs of Police and Fire, Health & Human Services, Selectmen, Schools, churches, Envision Arlington Diversity Task Group, Director of Housing, and many other town committees and groups.
  • The Envision Arlington Diversity Task Group values the diversity of our town and helps make Arlington a welcoming and respectful community for all.  Some members participate on the Superintendent of Schools’ Diversity Advisory Committee.

Anyone is welcome to join the DTG

  • Arlington’s Police Department seeks to ensure the quality of life in Arlington and the safety of every individual.

In addition to the 911 emergency number, they can be reached at 781-643-1212 (24-hour police dispatch) or 781-316-3900 (police administration).

  • Superintendent’s Diversity Advisory Committee meets monthly with the Superintendent of Schools to discuss hiring and retention of a diverse faculty and administrative staff and any concerns related to the diverse student population.

The Diversity Task Group is represented on this Advisory Committee.

  • Arlington Disability Commission provides information, referral, guidance, and technical assistance to insure people with physical, sensory, cognitive, and other disabilities have equal access to Town facilities, services, and programs.


  •  Housing Corporation of Arlington provides and advocates for affordable housing for low- and moderate- income families and individuals. Its Homelessness Prevention program assists residents experiencing a housing crisis that could lead to homelessness.


Contact: 781-316-3451

  • If an incident deserves larger attention, support the person or people involved by listening carefully to their concern and bringing it to one or more of our partner organizations.

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