The Envision Arlington Diversity Task Group is composed of Arlington residents committed to making our town inclusive.

We are a conduit for change: we foster awareness of issues related to diversity and garner the strengths of our diverse communities to create an inclusive, equal and participatory Community in Arlington.

We volunteer our time in order to promote and support diversity in Arlington. We define diversity as broadly and inclusively as possible, to include race, ethnicity, skin color, religious views, national and geographic origin, gender, age, citizenship, ancestry, family/marital status, sexual orientation, ability/disability, source and amount of income, education, and military status. Our approach is grassroots, community organizing.  We select projects by group consensus.

We strive to bring all residents into the public conversation.

We believe that doing so honors and promotes diversity. We promote conversation by creating safe spaces where traditionally excluded individuals and groups can speak and be heard. These conversations might be among like-minded individuals or groups: an opportunity for  individuals to openly express concerns, share experiences of exclusion and consider means through which to influence public discourse. Or a conversation might invite a broader audience to recognize the issues of exclusion for underserved groups and to propose solutions and actions. Our aim is to draw everyone into the conversation, so that the town’s plans, policies, and atmosphere are influenced by all groups.