Upcoming Conversations:





Past Conversations:

To create awareness about diversity issues, we held a series of community conversations

In 2016:

Photography Exhibit:

Stereotypes: A Conscious Look at Race, Faith, Gender and Orientation

Identity in Arlington and “Americanah”

Unconscious Bias

Stories of Stigmas

Being An Active Bystander

In 2013-2014:

We are Many Races & Ethnicities

When Faced with Injustices

We are Many Faiths and Spiritualities

We are Many Social Classes

We partnered with True Story Theater to cosponsor “Stories of Welcome” that addressed experiences of feeling welcome or unwelcome in town, and “Stories of Family” that looked at diverse expressions of family.

We engage in ongoing conversations through:

Representation on the Superintendent’s Diversity Advisory Committee to expand the number of teachers and administrators of color

Participation in the Rapid Response Network if a Hate crime or incident occurs

Co-sponsorship with the Robbins Library of the annual Community Read book selection and related events, as well as partnering with True Story Theater and other groups on diversity programs.


Some Past Accomplishments

  • Spearheaded establishment of the Arlington Human Rights Commission
  • Urged creation of a Minority Hiring Policy in the Arlington Public Schools
  • Advocated for a Human Resources Officer to support recruitment and retention of teachers of color in the Arlington Public Schools
  • Initiated two “Profiles in Diversity” oral history projects where high school students and adults wrote articles featured in the Arlington Advocate about town residents
  • Published a monthly Diversity Calendar
  • Formed a multicultural children’s group