Meet the New Intern

Hello! My name is Sophie Spink, a senior at Arlington High School. This year I’ll be interning for DTG, and am excited to get involved in Arlington’s larger community.

Outside of my internship, I’m passionate about history and government, and love to read. Some of my favorite books are The Hate U Give, The Color Purple, and The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m the co-president of Arlington High School’s Amnesty International chapter, and am passionate about bringing human rights work to Arlington youth. Additionally, I row for Arlington-Belmont Crew and work at an ice cream parlor. 

I chose DTG as the organization I’d intern with because their mission resonates with me. I am invested in making Arlington a more inclusive community.

In the few meetings I’ve been to, I have been welcomed graciously by all members, and have already found mentors who I greatly admire.  I’m in the process of becoming an active bystander trainer, and am a co-coordinator of a PR project that DTG is embarking on, in which we will explore inclusivity in Arlington through a series of conversations with community members.

I look forward to furthering my involvement with DTG. Look forward to more blog posts and an updated website!

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