Hello From the New Intern

Grace Willoughby

Hello all! My name is Grace Willoughby and I will be interning with the Arlington DTG until January 2018. Upon hearing that Arlington High offered a course that lets us go out in the world, it was a shock: instead of being trapped inside its walls, the school was giving us the opportunity to work with the larger community.  

So as I sat somewhat nervously in Ms. Konstandakis’ (the teacher who finds us these internships) room, armed with the resolution to find the perfect internship, I listened as she listed my options. Working with the athletic director didn’t seem like the right fit for someone who hardly has an athletic bone in her body. A member of the Girl’s cross country team, I love that there’s no need for me to be coordinated.

Anyway, when Ms. Konstandakis suggested interning at the Arlington DTG, I paused, considering: I hadn’t heard of it. It wasn’t that I assumed so little of Arlington that it wouldn’t support diversity, I just had never stopped to think there would be a group out there focused on it. Thinking back, that mindset seems ridiculous and naive. But I’m afraid I’m not alone in my lack of knowledge. I’m not sure how many other kids (and adults) are aware there is a group behind the scenes, reaching out to all cultures and community members of our town.

I’m excited to be a part of this behind-the-scenes group; to be the voice of my high school; entrusted to help influence Vision2020; that my voice, and all the voices I’ll be representing counts. We are all so globally conscious these days, but in light of recent events, I feel it’s paramount that we become more involved in our town, state, country, and the world. Sometimes, scrolling through my news app can be overwhelming- it’s hard to know where to help. Starting with our town is a great start, and the more people involved, the better. I’d like more people- especially at the high school- to know about this group, and what you’re doing. I’m so excited to meet all of you, and get started becoming a part of the bigger picture!

Grace Willoughby is a senior at Arlington High School and an intern at Arlington’s Vision2020 Diversity Task Group.


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