STEM for Girls

Hi All,
I hope your summer is wonderful so far.  This may not seem like a diversity issue, but for me it is.

What I’m excited to tell you is that I’ve been invited to join the Board of Trustees of Coastal Studies for Girls in Freeport, ME.  CSG is a science and leadership semester school for sophomore high school girls.   As we know, studies show that sophomore year is when girls are most susceptible to social pressures affecting their STEM subjects and confidence.

The girls live and study together in an old farmhouse on the coast of Maine with a 3:1 student-teacher ratio; a yurt and the ocean as their classrooms.

See the attached School Profile, visit or check them out on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  If you know someone who might be interested, please have them contact me, or the school directly at 207.865.9700.  It’s a program I wish I had been able to give my daughters, my sisters and myself.

As one parent said, ” I sent you a sparrow and you sent me back an eagle.”   It’s truly a wonderful experience!  Thanks for taking the time to mention it to friends and neighbors.

Be well,



Kathleen Leydon ConwayTrained in Gestalt Systems and Creative Problem Solving, Kathy Leydon-Conway supported her clients as a consultant, coach, mediator and facilitator for 25 years. Currently retired, she occasionally presents at conferences, workshops and camps. She enjoys the expressive arts; painting, pottery, journaling and poetry; is published in four chapbooks. Kathy rejuvenates through yoga and walking and believes that every human needs to be seen and heard for who they are. Contact her at kathconway[at]

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